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Market LadyThe Lake Bluff Farmers’ Market was launched in 1993 to provide Lake Bluff residents access to farm fresh produce, flowers, baked goods, jams, and much, much more. Ahead of its time with its 20th anniversary in 2013, the Lake Bluff Farmers’ Market has been providing the farm fresh, organic and locally-sourced produce and more that is now a national phenomenon, filling the plates of restaurants and families across the United States.

The Lake Bluff Farmers’ Market, specifically, brings the traditions of farmers and small business owners to an historic community.

The Village of Lake Bluff operates the Lake Bluff Farmers’ Market with a volunteer committee of local residents passionate about creating a memorable event each week for visitors and vendors alike. These Lake Bluff folks work tirelessly 12 months a year to ensure their fellow residents have access to the best and brightest vendors each week every Summer.

2018 marked the Market’s 25th year!

The 2021 Farmers Market is sponsored by Chevy Exchange, we thank your partner for helping us make the market enjoyable for our patrons and vendors!


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