Refrigerator Pickles

While we have a “Recipes” page on our site already, the following was so mouthwatering, we had to share it on the homepage. Submitted by our great friend Deb, these pickles are easy to do at home and features all produce from the Lake Bluff Farmers’ Market. Join in the fun and try it out for yourself at home soon!

Refrigerator Pickles – August 2013

2-4 glass jars – 2 qt total capacity– repurposed/reusable

10 cloves or more, peeled garlic (no such thing as too much garlic)
2 C white vinegarIMG_0461
6 t kosher salt
Fresh dill heads, and sprigs – 6-8
1 t each celery, coriander, and mustard seed
1 t black peppercorns

Vegetable to pickle:
Any veg will do well, go for it
6 small cucumbers, qtrd
4 small hot peppers – color diversity is appealing
6 small carrots, peeled, and sliced lengthwise

Spears in general:
Green beans, green onions, zucchini

Red onion
Pieces of other spears

Brine process:
Medium saucepan
4 C boiling water
Add garlic for 5 minutes
Add vinegar, salt, 5 minutes, turn off heat

Dill, seeds, peppercorns
Add boiled garlic
Add tall veg, alternating with heat peppers
Stuff jars full. That means sliding in the tall pieces tightly, supplementing with chunks
Heat brine again, pour over veg, let cool, seal and frig.

After a couple days, can last for months.


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