Market Goodies Make for Great Birthday Dinner!

As we mentioned on Facebook and Twitter, Friday was one of our Market Committee member’s birthdays. In true Lake Bluff Farmers’ Market team fashion, we made him a great meal on Sunday night (had to wait for the next generation of Market fans to have time) completed with goodies almost exclusively from the Lake Bluff Farmers’ Market. The highlights:

A Whitefish Spread Appetizer
The night kicked off with a wonderful whitefish spread perfect for a chilly summer night. Not too heavy on other ingredients, this whitefish spread goes on crackers or bread easily and lets the fish speak for itself.


Tomatoes and Cucumbers
For the [first] side dish we simply cut up tomatoes and cucumbers and drizzled with olive oil and completed the dish with salt and fresh pepper. Again, we were excited to let the actual produce shine rather than dousing it with too much dressing or another ingredient.


Corn and Beans
For another side we boiled green beans and corn for additional “greens”. Salads don’t have to  include lettuce, we’ve learned!


The core of our main dish was steak filled with mushrooms. These baby portabellas have more flavor than many other varieties, and are easier to work with than some of the more delicate mushrooms. We love mushrooms of all shapes and sizes at our house, but for this dish these were perfect.

mushroomsThe Main Course
The only item of this meal that didn’t come from the Lake Bluff Farmers’ Market was the steak. It did, however, come from our great friends and local meat purveyors at The Daily Grind. Rick set us up with this huge cut that could be split down the middle, stuffed, tied, grilled on indirect heat, sliced and served. This steak and mushroom combination was hearty enough to feed four adults!

steakmushroomsThe Complete Spread
When all of the preparation was complete, it was time for the celebration and a farm-to-table birthday extravaganza!

completemealFINALCome on up to the Lake Bluff Farmers’ Market every Friday through October and make a great meal for that special someone – or someones – soon! Our great market vendors can help you with recipe ideas, menu suggestions and other insider tips on their products to make sure a meal large or small is perfectly prepared!

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