The Secret’s Out…

With Lake Bluff being situated at the crossroads of two major North Shore bicycle routes and along historic Sheridan Road and on the shores of Lake Michigan, it comes as no surprise to most Village residents that bicyclists from across the region travel in and out of our small community. With that in mind, coupled with the popularity of our local brewery, it came as no surprise to us when the Chicago Reader published their “Summer Guide: Two Cycling Day Trips to Three Breweries” piece on May 16.

Full Story: Summer Guide: Two Cycling Day Trips to Three Breweries

As we read the piece we thought: “A day trip by bike for a farmers’ market isn’t a bad idea either.” We urge you to take advantage of a summer Friday and visit the Lake Bluff Farmers’ Market. Hit the trails to Lake Bluff on a pleasant Friday this summer and visit more than 20 vendors from Lake County and beyond!

Your visit can start with a recharge of the batteries through brunch of coffee and crepes from Handcrafted Crepes as you search for just the right items for an afternoon in the suburbs. Grab some olives, various and unique cheeses, some sweets and baked goods and jump back on your bike and head to Lake Michigan for lovely picnic. Your vendor friends at the Lake Bluff Farmers’ Market can help come up with recipe ideas or pairings. Be sure to grab some goodies for dinner while you’re there!

After a picnic at the beach head back to downtown Lake Bluff and hit the brewery as they open at 4:00 p.m. Grab a pint or two and head back by bike, or better yet, fill up a growler to wash down a homemade, farm fresh meal for dinner that night. As the Reader points out, the Metra might be the safe bet if that’s up your alley!

Note: The team at the Chicago Reader, especially Julia Thiel, knocked their story out of the park and we’re happy to build on their day trip idea. While we’re at it, we’ll probably  follow their other day trip recommendation to “research” Calumet Fisheries, Three Floyds and Flossmoor Station sooner than later.

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