Lake Bluff Market Lands on a Windshield Near You

LB Vehicle StickerWhile the weather in Lake Bluff may not feel like it, the end of April is rapidly approaching and with that, the expiration of your Village vehicle sticker as arrived. In celebration of our 20th anniversary, officials fromthe Village of Lake Bluff have graciously offered to include the Lake Bluff Farmers’ Market on vehicle stickers for the coming year.

This is truly an amazing honor that will keep our farmers’ market in the view of so many throughout the year.

In addition to this post serving as a very appreciative “thank you” to the Village for including us on the sticker, it’s a friendly reminder to our friends and neighbors that the time has come to secure a new sticker for your car. Help promote our 20th anniversary and celebrate Lake Bluff and its great Farmers’ Market while you keep your car street legal in the Village of Lake Bluff. Talk about a win-win for all of us!

Thank you again to everyone at the Village of Lake Bluff’s office for recognizing our 20th anniversary in the community. We’re excited to kick-off another great summer!

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