Happy Opening Day!

There are a lot of dates people use to mark the first day of Spring. For most of us, and technically speaking, the first day of Spring is on March 20. For kids in schools across the country the first day of Spring may be ushered in when the bell rings before Spring Break. All of these dates have a special meaning for someone.

IMG_1324For sports fans across Chicagoland and baseball fans nationwide, the real first day of Spring is Opening Day of baseball season.

Whether it’s the Cubs or the White Sox that hold your allegiance – the Lake Bluff Farmers’ Market will politely remain non-partisan as our farmer partners come from across Chicago, and Brewers’ territory in Wisconsin – the first game of a new baseball season represents a clean slate and eternal hope that this year is the year.

Not only does the start of baseball season mark the start of America’s Pastime – it ushers in the first thoughts of summer for so many of us. The Lake Bluff Farmers’ Market team spent the day thinking about getting a couple of wins on both sides of town, and getting ready for another great market season in Lake Bluff! While Opening Day in 2013 saw Mother Nature grace us with similar weather to years past, the excitement of baseball fans of all ages and the sight of fresh cut grass just shouts “Summer is near!”

The best news of the day, aside from the fact that warmer temps are around the corner for Lake Bluff, is that fans on both sides of town started the 2013 baseball season with a smile.

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